The Global Network
for Health & Wellness

The Global Network for Health & Wellness

Our Mission

Our purpose is to establish a link between clients/patients and experts in the Health, Wellness, and Personal Development industry through a global network, and a new type of social media platform tailored to their needs

With all the rapid technological advancements the world witnessed in the past decade, patients started to commonly use the Internet and social media to acquire information; and as a result, they have been increasingly exposed to inaccurate, unreliable, and disorienting health information. This is especially true in the mental health, physical health, spirituality, and personal development fields. The recurrent exposure to predominantly wrong, misleading information about medical and health topics is having considerable negative impacts on individuals seeking such services. Most of the time, the majority of fake health information found online is not posted by professionals in the field, and individuals seeking such information are confused and disoriented, not knowing what sources to trust, which expert and services meet their needs the most, and where they can find correct and reliable information. ... Simultaneously, professionals and experts themselves are having a hard time creating a sustainable, well-suited platform for themselves and their services on social media, which is the main reason why it is very challenging for people to find the right expert for them. Social media holds and brings together countless industries and fields in one place, and is not tailored to and not meant for the Health, Wellness, and Personal Development industry alone. The idea behind Helpdose was therefore thought of as a result of the above. We aim to create a new form of social media in which the communication between clients and trusted professional experts is easy. Our purpose is to provide anyone with the ability to improve their health (both physical and mental), their well being, and their skills, through improved access to correct and reliable information and services from certified professionals that are ready to help.

we offer two Solutions

For Experts

We are granting the right, trusted, and experienced professionals, who deserve to be recognized, the opportunity to reach a large number of people seeking the type of services they are offering, by establishing a simple online “center” specialized for them within our platform. They will become part of a large global network of experts and professionals in a platform especially designed for Health, Wellness, and Personal Development, and will have access to myriad tools and extensive support from our teams that will help them present themselves and their services in the best way possible. The platform will only require an affordable yearly membership. Each expert will be given a voice and a platform to share their message, while comfortably expanding their work and their online presence in their respective fields. They will be able to manage their time more efficiently online, make additional income from the comfort of their home, and positively contribute to their country’s economy; all while being more present for their families and spending time with the people they love.

For Our Clients/Patients

Clients and patients will finally be able to access and browse a single online platform dedicated to the Health, Wellness, and Personal Development industry. Moreover, they will benefit from trusted and reliable information, services, tips and articles provided to them by renown experts across countless fields of study, from the comfort of their homes without worrying about going out or traveling long distances to reach the expert.

Helpdose in numbers

Helpdose in numbers

63 Experts

10 Departments

7 Languages

Our Founder

Ali Baydoun

My name is Ali Baydoun and I hold a Bachelor of Pharmacy. Since childhood, I have always sensed the spirit of entrepreneurship and had the ambition to build a global initiative of my own. Going back to 2012, to when I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks, I needed someone to help me as I was unaware of what was going on with my body and my mind. I wasn’t able to reach the right information and experts. I understood the importance of mental health education and of the support of professionals in general... In 2019, I came up with the idea behind Helpdose, which was initially scheduled to launch in 2021. However, when the coronavirus pandemic began, I decided that it was the right time for Helpdose to become a reality, so people can benefit from our message, the value we aim to share, and our mission. During the confinement period in Lebanon, I gathered and built our team composed of young and ambitious individuals who were facing the worst economic crisis and financial collapse Lebanon has ever experienced. From our homes and behind our laptop screens, we started working hard on our 60-days plan without even being able to walk outside our homes. We were able to get 40 experts to join and raised a considerable amount of money for funding Helpdose, bearing in mind the country’s economic collapse. The most important message that we aim to deliver is the following: No matter how difficult and challenging a situation is, and regardless of the country you’re in, when you have a goal of inducing change and development, it is achievable with commitment, consistency, and the right mindset. This is exactly what we proved with the Helpdose project and our achievements. Today, despite the economic, financial, social and political crisis my country Lebanon is facing, I continue to be persistent by coming up with new creative ideas that could have a positive economic and social impact.

Our Team

Rabih Abou Eid

CFO & Head of Legal

Aal El Moghrabi

COO & Head of Product Innovation

Hassan Saad

Head of Coding

Nadine Daouk

Media & PR

Khaled Al Jawhary

Head of Business Development

Dani Abi Khzam

Head of Social Media and Graphics

Rime Al Hariri

Head of Product Design & UX/UI Designer

Tatyana Halabi

DPO & Head of Copywriting

Dalal Mneimneh

Head of Customer Service

Rokaya Mroueh

Media & Public Relations, Social Media Content Creation

Hiba Hachem

Sales & Marketing

Amir Noureddine


Rabih Shamseddine


Hisham Marouni


Amir Bou Said

Head of Media & PR