Starter Package Benefits


Customizable Helpdose Website

FREE for 3 months

SSL Security Certificate & Amazon Web Services (AWS) Hosting

FREE for 3 months

Personal Domain Name (

FREE for 3 months

Special Meetings for a Complete Website Setup


Website Design Customization: Cover Photo, Profile Picture, & Grids

FREE. Detailed below

Website Content Customization: Bio, Buttons, Grids

FREE. Detailed below

Basic Package Benefits


Personalized Replies Preparation

4 Templates


Logo Design


Branding Guideline Design

Detailed below

Personalized Social Media Design Templates


Special Meeting for Design and Social Media Posting


Design and Branding: Static/Carousel Posts & Stories on Instagram

2 per week

Design and Branding: Reel/Video & Story on Instagram

1 per week


Verification Badge


Social Media Calendar Posting


Account Manager


Monthly Evaluation & Learnings Meeting


Premium Package Benefits


CONTENT CREATION, COPYWRITING & Caption Optimization (3 posts/week)

3 posts/week


Target Audience Specification


Boosting Strategy


Boosting Management


Boosting Budget (up to €250)


Included in my website

Payment Gateway Integration


Analytics (coming soon)


Booking Calendar (coming soon)


SEO Optimization (coming soon)


Evaluation & Learnings (coming soon)


24/7 Website Chat Support


Payment Schedule

Non Refundable Payment

Starter Package - Website Building Benefits:

  1. Customizable Website with Unlimited Buttons & Grids, Personal Domain Name (, SSL Certificate, & Amazon Web Services (AWS) Hosting
  1. I will have my own website through which I can create, add, and remove different buttons & grids with different functionalities (Services, Certificates, Experience, Education, etc). I can also display my photo, cover photo, social media accounts, biography and other details that I would like to add.
  2. I will be able to add an unlimited number of buttons & grids, where each would have a different functionality or be linked to an external page.
  3. I will be able to connect a free domain name to my website and make it more personal with a layer of protection (SSL Certificate).
  4. My website will be hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leading hosting company.
  5. Web Hosting, domain expenses, and all forms of accrued expenses needed to operate my website are the responsibility of Helpdose. Helpdose manages the website traffic and works towards attaining full capacity to respond and operate.
  6. Global Payment Gateway API Integration:
  1. Helpdose helps me integrate with the world-class payment gateway service provider(s) (PayPal, etc.) -  or other service providers, where applicable - to receive payments from my clients.
  1.  My Workflow with Helpdose
  1. My On-boarding with Helpdose:
  1. My Account Manager will reach out to me to set the time/date of the first meeting, and for me to send them topics. The first meeting date should be a maximum of 72 hours after my payment.
  2. The CMO adds deadlines and dates to my google doc before meeting 1 within max 72 hours after the payment
  3. The Designer adds 5 template designs to my Google Doc before the meeting within max 72 hours after the payment.
  1. My first meeting includes the following:
  6. LAYOUT TEMPLATES for the 1st quarter and the renewal
  7. Agreeing on the next meeting’s date and time
  1. Post-meeting Workflow
  1. The Account Manager sends me an email about what was discussed within 24 hours
  2. I gain access to the document and folder which will include the designs within 24 hours
  3. I provide my account manager with my Instagram, Facebook, TikTok (if available) and Website login details within 48 hours
  4. The CMO accesses my business manager to add Helpdose as a partner and creates an ads account for me under Helpdose’s business account within 48 hours
  5. I should share the certificates, work permit and high resolution photo within 48 hours of the meeting to get verified.
  6. Images, videos, and content should be sent by me within 48 hours, based on what was discussed during the meeting.
  7. The Designer prepares 3 logo options within 48 hours after the meeting with me
  8. The Account Manager sends the logos to me on the same day
  9. I choose the preferred logo within 24 hours
  10. The Designer edits the templates (colors, style maybe) within 48 hours after the approval of the logo based on the creative brief
  11. The Designer prepares the cover photo, and profile picture within 48 hours after the approval of the logo
  12. The Social Media Specialist edits the Instagram and Facebook bios, changes the photo/cover photo if needed within 48 hours after approval of the logo
  13. The Designer prepares the highlight templates within 48 hours

  1. The Copywriter prepares the website content within 48 hours after the meeting with me
  2. The team shows me the CONTENT CATEGORIES of the whole 2 months and I agree with them on these categories, ex: Services, Testimonials, Before/After, Tips/Information, Personal, etc.
  3. The Content Creator prepared the content based on my topics within 7 days
  4. The Copywriter edits and proofreads the content, captions, and hashtags within 48 hours of content creation
  5. The Account Manager informs me to approve the content by the end of the day
  6. I approve or request edits within 24 hours
  7. The Copywriter adjusts the content if needed within 24 hours
  8. The Designer fills in the templates with the content and adds the logo, changes colors, based on the branding guidelines and topic, then adds the final design to my Google Doc within 48 hours
  9. The Website Builder adds the cover photo, profile photo and grid designs to the website within 48 hours upon receiving them from the designer.
  10. The Website Builder buys the domain name, connects it to the website, and secures it with the SSL Certificate within 72 hours after meeting with me
  11. We agree on the next meeting date and time
  1. MEETING 2 Workflow - Day 15:
  1. The Kitchen meets me and shows me my Google Doc to approve everything
  2. The Kitchen shows me the website and receives my approval
  3. The Designer edits the posts if needed within 24 hours
  4. The Social Media Specialist schedules the posts for the whole week within 24 hours
  1. MONTHLY MEETING 3 -  Day 45:
  1. I choose the topics for the second month
  2. The Kitchen meets me to approve the suggested topics for the 2nd month and to show me my new Google Doc
  3. I send any needed materials (images, videos, content) within 48 hours
  4. The Content Creator prepares the content for the 2nd month within 5 days
  5. The Copywriter edits and proofreads the content, captions, and hashtags within 48 hours of content creation
  6. The Account Manager informs me to approve the content on the same day
  7. I approve or request edits on the same day
  8. The Copywriter adjusts the content if needed within 48 hours
  9. The Account Manager asks me to approve the edits if needed on the same day
  10. I approve the edits if needed within 24 hours
  11. The Designer fills in the templates with the content and adds the logo, then adds the final design to my Google Doc within 48 hours


  1. 1My Account Manager reaches out to me to fill a questionnaire within 48 hours and to set a date and time for Meeting 4
  2. MONTHLY MEETING 4 - Day 75:

2.7.1. I will receive a social media report including the insights of the first quarter

2.7.2. We will agree on the renewal

2.7.3. We will agree on the boosting budget

2.7.4. We will decide on the date and time of the first meeting of the second quarter

  1.  Account Manager
  1. My account manager is responsible for my communication with the Helpdose team.
  2. All kinds of communications including and not limited to: Handing over the content, approvals, requests for modification, or other concerns shall be through my account manager.
  1. 24/7 Website Chat Support
  1. Helpdose’s dedicated support force will make sure to respond to my messages within 48 hours, through a user-friendly built-in chat system.
  1. Boosting Services

5.1. Target Audience Specification: Based on my input during the first meeting

5.2. Boosting Budget and Strategy: €160 for the first quarter, and €250 for every renewal

  1. Boosting Management

Handled by the digital marketer after I provide my credentials so they will be able to manage my page

General Terms and Conditions:

  • This agreement is automatically renewable unless one party notifies the other in writing that they do not wish for extension.
  • Any error from AWS is not the responsibility of Helpdose.
  • If my clients pay through the third party Online Payment System:
  • I accept the direct fees of the payment gateway solution that Helpdose partners with in my country.
  • Helpdose is not responsible for any price change or any service error by the third party payment gateway provider.
  • I have full capacity of all my legal affairs and have not appointed a temporary legal guardian.
  • The data I provide can be used for Helpdose quality management surveys.
  • Helpdose holds no responsibility shall they find later that any of my submitted information,      certificates, or documents are false or doctored.
  • Helpdose is not responsible for the content I share on my personal website or social media accounts.
  • I shall not contact my product consultant or any other Helpdose team member for any business
  • concern, but instead communicate directly with my account manager.
  • In case of any complaint that is not resolved by the account manager, I shall only send an email to
  • I declare that all the statements I have made are to the best of my knowledge correct and complete, and that I have read all the information here. I am aware that false statements made negligently are illegal and may lead to having my agreements revoked.
  • Helpdose is not responsible for any problem including misconduct that may occur at any time between myself and any client.

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